Smart Helmet System

Removable liners.

Unlock helmet with the app.

Built in sensor to detect if helmet is in use.

LEARN MORE The result of billions of data points
from millions of miles traveled.

A leader in vehicle safety testing & analysis
Wheels’ Injury Rate
Wheels Micro Transportation Bikes

1 in every 74,577 miles ridden

Comparison to Other Micromobility Devices

4 times less injuries than bikes; up to 66 times less injuries than scooters

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Self Sanitizing Handlebars

Most Accessible

Broader Demographic of Users

Most Sustainable

Swappable Batteries and Parts

Vertically Integrated Manufacturing

Our Values


Everyone deserves safe transportation


Micro transportation should be accessible to the widest possible audience.


We focus on changing the status quo in everything we do.

Efficient Operations

We reimagined the operations model for the micro transportation space from the ground up.

Building the Future of Transportation

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