Why Choose Wheels?

Wheels means reduced congestion and lowered CO2 emissions. Wheels is safe, sustainable, and efficient means of moving people through communities each and every day.


Why Cities Partner with Wheels

Cities across the world are seeking practical solutions to reduce their dependence on cars, buses, and fuel-powered transportation. Wheels makes it easy for cities with tight budgets to deploy an innovative strategy to reduce congestion and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. 


Why Universities Partner with Wheels

Now, more than ever, schools are seeking new ways to safely move students and staff to and from (and around) their campus. From complementing or replacing a shuttle service, to helping faculty and staff move around campus with ease, Wheels is able to help. 

Wheels creates a custom program for each campus that includes geofencing, slow-zones, no-ride zones and preferred parking. This helps us keep campuses safe and clutter free while providing a unique transportation option to students, faculty and staff that allows them to move around without a personal motor vehicle or their own bike.


Why Corporations Partner with Wheels

Organizations with city-integrated offices and large corporate campuses value Wheels ability to move employees safely around a very large ecosystem. Wheels creates efficiency while also supporting the company’s dedication to corporate social responsibility because of Wheels’ efficient and sustainable technology.

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